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Resident coastal aquakinetic
28 December 2009 @ 01:02 am

Not much to write at the moment.

My little vacation to Cincinnati is winding down, and I can safely say that the calmness and peace of mind that this trip has vested in me has been the best part of it all. Indeed, it's probably the one real thing I wanted most for Christmas. Being with Mom, seeing a part of my family again that I had not seen in well over a year, and just not being in such a rush, under such pressure, has all been excellent.

I'm flying out on Monday. I will definitely have more to write about once I'm back in Boston. Until then, I'm going to be silent online.

Good night, and good luck.

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Current Music: Storm Eagle Stage, by Makoto Tomozawa, et al - Mega Man: Maverick Hunter X OST
Resident coastal aquakinetic
24 December 2009 @ 11:59 pm

Since the chances of me being online tomorrow are about nil:

Regardless of how you observe and/or celebrate the occasion, I hope all of you have a glorious Christmas. As near as I can figure, all of y'all out there have earned it.

Tranquility to you all!

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Current Music: Song for Jesse, by Nick Cave and Warren Ellis - The Assassination of . . . OST
Resident coastal aquakinetic
23 December 2009 @ 11:35 pm

"You philosophers are lucky men. You write on paper and paper is patient. Unfortunate Empress that I am, I write on the susceptible skins of living beings." - Yekaterina II Velikaya (aka Catherine the Great), in a letter to Denis Diderot

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Current Music: Moonchild, by King Crimson - In the Court of the Crimson King
Resident coastal aquakinetic
23 December 2009 @ 12:36 am

Sometimes, it's just the small things that make life worthwhile, that enable one to see past the static and the annoyances enough to know that they too are transient.

In that spirit (and inspired by something that pink_siamese recently did), here is a list of those little things that brighten my own outlook on the world. These are in no particular order, and, while it might not exactly be a comprehensive list, it ought to still be revealing.

+ The feeling of cat feet as my cat walks over me while I'm laying in bed.
+ Getting into a really good writing groove.
+ Wikitrawling (As in, bopping about Wikipedia.)
+ Hearing a great new piece of music.
+ Saturday night game nights with my friends.
+ Relief (Such as when you finally get to blow your nose after you've been sniffling for ages, or when you finally get to use the toilet after you've been holding it in for a long time. Don't give me no TMI bullshit, you know it feels good.)
+ Finding just the right song to calm jangled nerves.
+ Making it through a yellow light when everyone else behind me stops just as it turns red.
+ The smell of old airplanes (I visited the US Air Force Museum on Monday, and the hangars in which the planes are kept have this peculiar musty smell to them. It's something that's unique to that particular location, and it smells so, so good. Old books have a similar, though not quite exact, scent.)
+ Reading a worthwhile story.
+ Boston Legal.
+ Watching my cat sit back on his haunches and "clap" his front paws together, when he wants attention.
+ The little "ding" at the end of the theme song for Dexter.
+ That feeling of illumination that shines out from the valleys of your brain when the answer to something (tangled strands of storylines, for example, or a well-built murder mystery) is suddenly made clear.
+ Skyline Chili. I can quit any time I want.

The great thing about these kinds of lists is that they can go on and on. But, fifteen's good enough for now.

So. How about the rest of you?

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Current Music: Herz ist Trumpf, by Trio (thanks debrafortune!)
Resident coastal aquakinetic
19 December 2009 @ 02:00 am

Another good day today. The highlights included a trip to the dentist (which isn't really a drawback, since my teeth are in excellent health, and getting them cleaned felt nice) and a subsequent lunch trip to LaRosa's.

Tonight, my mother and myself (accompanied by a friend of my mother's) went downtown to see the Trans-Siberian Orchestra in concert. Despite some difficulties with traffic, both in arriving at the venue and in leaving it, things went quite well. Some reflections:

On the Upside: Phenomenal sound, and a light show that's an absolute kick in the pants to boot. I'm probably going to be a twist deaf for the next day, but, after a show like tonight's, that's perfectly fine.

On the Downside: An unexpected and heavy-handed dose of Christianity during the first act (most of it tacked on to a bland "this is the ~*MIRACLE of CHRISTMAS*~ kind of story). I went to this thing to hear some good music, not to get proselytized.

Overall, though, pretty good. And, this was the first actual live music concert that I had ever been to. It only took me 24 years to get there, but hey. Better late than never, right?

Also! The movie Avatar. Any of you out there seen it yet, or planning to see it? I'm not quite sure if I want to spend money on it, and a second opinion would be welcome.

Current Mood: relaxedAll mellowed out
Current Music: I Don't Wanna Stop, by Ozzy Osbourne
Resident coastal aquakinetic
18 December 2009 @ 12:08 am

And now, I am back in Cincinnati.

All flights should go as well as today's went. The other big highlight of the day, aside from the smoothness of the trip, was going with my mother down to Skyline Chili for dinner. Because, y'know, it's the best food in the world.

I'm feeling pretty tired right now, but more will be coming. Sooner, probably, than later.

Current Mood: chipperTired and chili-sated
Current Music: did somebody put sugar in my tea?, by rx2008
Resident coastal aquakinetic
17 December 2009 @ 01:22 am

"Don't tire yourself more than need be, even at the price of founding a culture on the fatigue of your bones." - Antonin Artaud

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Current Music: Never Surrender, by Niles Rodgers and Nataraj - Halo 2 OST (Vol. 1)
Resident coastal aquakinetic
17 December 2009 @ 01:11 am


Sorry for how quiet it's been over here as of late. Between work and getting ready for going back to Cincinnati, I haven't really had either the time or the energy to post much of late. Still, given how frenetic it's been at work lately, this little vacation has come at a most opportune moment. Perhaps, with the change in scenery, it'll make me a bit more LJ-verbose.

Anyway. I've still got stuff to prepare for the Cinci trip. I'll definitely give y'all a shout-out when I get there, but, until then, I'm off.

In leaving, I'll point a little something out to all of you. I've been a fan of the artist known as rx2008 for the past several years (I know I've made mention of his The End of the World video on this journal before). While a lot of what he produces are politically-related videos, I must say that his not-quite-political videos are excellent as well.

The video in question: did somebody put sugar in my tea?

Tranquility and sugar to you all.

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Current Music: Another Planet, by Pendulum - Hold Your Colour
Resident coastal aquakinetic
09 December 2009 @ 03:09 pm

"Life only demands from you the strength you possess. Only one feat is possible — not to have run away." — Dag Hammarskjöld

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Current Music: Avalon, by Keiki Kobayashi - Ace Combat Zero: The Belkan War OST
Resident coastal aquakinetic
03 December 2009 @ 02:40 am

Thanksgiving went well last week. It was held at cheshgrl's pad, with myself, her mother, her boyfriend, and a few mutual friends in attendance. It was a fairly straight-forward evening; she had prepared the entire meal for us practically single-handedly, and she did an excellent job of it all. It was traditional fare (turkey, stuffing, mashed potatoes, the whole nine yards), but that certainly did not detract from its deliciousness, and much OM NOM NOM was had by all. Afterwards, myself and two other of the menfolk cleaned things up and put everything away, after which we played a round of Pictionary. Following this rousing event, during which the team that yours truly was on lost because a team member who shall remain nameless draws trash cans in such a way that they look like cupcakes, we went our separate ways (presumably to lurch back home and fall into a carb-coma-induced slumber).

So, like I said, a fun time. Nothing too different from Thanksgivings past, but that's alright. Christmas should be pretty neat, this made all the more so by the fact that I will be flying back home to Cincinnati on December 17.

Not too much else to report in life at the moment. In terms of upcoming LJ-content, one should expect some posts not related to the quotidian aspects of my life, but rather something more verbose in which I talk about some topic that has been of interest lately.

That's about it for now.

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Current Music: Star Fox Caramelldansen video on YouTube (FFFFF SO GAY MY ASS HURTS SRSLY)