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17 December 2009 @ 01:11 am
Gould Feathers  


Sorry for how quiet it's been over here as of late. Between work and getting ready for going back to Cincinnati, I haven't really had either the time or the energy to post much of late. Still, given how frenetic it's been at work lately, this little vacation has come at a most opportune moment. Perhaps, with the change in scenery, it'll make me a bit more LJ-verbose.

Anyway. I've still got stuff to prepare for the Cinci trip. I'll definitely give y'all a shout-out when I get there, but, until then, I'm off.

In leaving, I'll point a little something out to all of you. I've been a fan of the artist known as rx2008 for the past several years (I know I've made mention of his The End of the World video on this journal before). While a lot of what he produces are politically-related videos, I must say that his not-quite-political videos are excellent as well.

The video in question: did somebody put sugar in my tea?

Tranquility and sugar to you all.

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