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23 December 2009 @ 12:36 am
Decent Enough Somnambulation  

Sometimes, it's just the small things that make life worthwhile, that enable one to see past the static and the annoyances enough to know that they too are transient.

In that spirit (and inspired by something that pink_siamese recently did), here is a list of those little things that brighten my own outlook on the world. These are in no particular order, and, while it might not exactly be a comprehensive list, it ought to still be revealing.

+ The feeling of cat feet as my cat walks over me while I'm laying in bed.
+ Getting into a really good writing groove.
+ Wikitrawling (As in, bopping about Wikipedia.)
+ Hearing a great new piece of music.
+ Saturday night game nights with my friends.
+ Relief (Such as when you finally get to blow your nose after you've been sniffling for ages, or when you finally get to use the toilet after you've been holding it in for a long time. Don't give me no TMI bullshit, you know it feels good.)
+ Finding just the right song to calm jangled nerves.
+ Making it through a yellow light when everyone else behind me stops just as it turns red.
+ The smell of old airplanes (I visited the US Air Force Museum on Monday, and the hangars in which the planes are kept have this peculiar musty smell to them. It's something that's unique to that particular location, and it smells so, so good. Old books have a similar, though not quite exact, scent.)
+ Reading a worthwhile story.
+ Boston Legal.
+ Watching my cat sit back on his haunches and "clap" his front paws together, when he wants attention.
+ The little "ding" at the end of the theme song for Dexter.
+ That feeling of illumination that shines out from the valleys of your brain when the answer to something (tangled strands of storylines, for example, or a well-built murder mystery) is suddenly made clear.
+ Skyline Chili. I can quit any time I want.

The great thing about these kinds of lists is that they can go on and on. But, fifteen's good enough for now.

So. How about the rest of you?

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