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". . . that German battleship that's makin' such a fuss . . ."

Resident coastal aquakinetic
9 November 1985
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Humour is the essential ingredient of a democratic society. - Wisdom from The Village

I'm pretty much nobody in particular. Here are some other adjectives for inquiring souls: male/dilletantic writer/faygeleh/furry (sea dragon, to be precise)/moderate leftist/dork/waiter/military history enthusiast/check the interests list below. The present direction of my life is currently somewhat vague, and time does not seem to be moving slowly anymore.

Overall, I am often inane and fairly amicable, a young man of diverse interests and tastes. Cyrillic is a fun alphabet: ЕСЛИ ТЕЛЕФОН ЗВОНИТ, КТО - ТО МОГ БЫ НАЗЫВАТЬ ВАШ ДОМ.

Alarum! To any passers-by who read this profile: If you like your friends' journals to be free of memes, bouts of emo, and furry faggotry, then this one is probably not for you. Though these are not the sum of this journal's content, all three of these subjects do pop up within these "pages" from time to time.

Questions should be directed either to this journal or my e-mail. If you feel like friending me, go right ahead! Just give me a heads-up about it.


The best kind of friend is like iron sharpening iron
From only its claw, we may judge of the lion
Truth hurts, but it stands, I cannot tell a lie
That was our wisdom, the reptiles and I . . .

- The Reptiles and I, by Shriekback (Album: Big Night Music) -

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ultimatebadass - Anton Chigurh is The Man. This is not debatable.
(I do not run this community; that honor goes to my home skillet tamago23. I just like to hang out there, 'cos it used to be is one happenin' place.)

Francis Dolarhyde is my bishie. Sorry, Anton {: (

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